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If your marriage is in trouble, you are not alone. The number of failed marriages is rising day by day. When two people are dating, things are usually fine. They value each other's opinions and care about each other. They do everything they can to make the relationship work. So why do so many marriages fail? Marriage can be like a roller coaster ride and sometimes it's full of ups and downs. Here are the top reasons why many marriages end in divorce.

Financial Problems

Without money, even true love many not last very long. Some people won't admit it, but money makes a big difference. When there is a lot of debt and little money, some people get angry, nervous, and frustrated with their partners.

Taking Someone for Granted

You may have spent many months chasing your partner and making him happy. The effort shouldn't end after you get married. If you're not making your partner happy and making yourself look attractive for him, your partner may start to look somewhere else.


Many marriages fail because of addictions to illegal drugs, prescription medication, gambling, shopping, and even sex. Even without the presence of verbal or physical abuse, the behavior of an addicted partner can make life impossible. Addictions can also cause financial problems in a marriage.

Infidelity and Sex

Many marriages end because of infidelity and cheating spouses. Lack of sex is another reason why so many marriages fail.


Many people file for divorce because they don't love their partners anymore. Remember that without love, there is nothing left.

Getting Married for the Wrong Reasons

Some people also get married for the wrong reasons. For instance, they may get married because all their friends are doing it. They may get married because of a pregnancy. Other people get married at a very young age and then they realize that they made a big mistake.

Other Reasons

Keep in mind that many marriages also fail because of other reasons such as lack of communication between two people, physical abuse, and verbal and emotional abuse. Other reasons for getting divorced include the inability to resolve conflict, personality differences, differences in career goals, intellectual incompatibility, lack of maturity, sexual incompatibility, and different religious beliefs. Many people also end their marriages because of mental illnesses, medical illnesses, legal problems, or incarceration for a crime.

If your partner is making you miserable, you can seek help from a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer will help you file the paperwork for getting a divorce and help in the areas of spousal support, child support, child custody, and the division of assets. Your attorney will also relieve your stress and answer any questions that you have. Remember that some marriages are worth working on, and some are not. So, if you can't imagine spending the rest of your life with your partner, you should consult with a qualified divorce lawyer and get the help that you need.

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Divorce Mediation vs Traditional Divorce

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When you're going through a divorce, it can be very easy to feel as if you're going to go crazy! With so many different things to worry about and all the stress, pain, anger, confusion and other emotions that come along with a divorce, it's easy to see why you might be worried about your sanity! This article discusses 4 tips to remain sane while you are in the process of a divorce. 
Allow Yourself Time to Accept the Divorce
Although we all want to be strong all the time, the truth is that you need some time to accept what's going on. Divorce is a difficult thing to cope with and without the time to accept it, you can really experience trauma and damage. Allow yourself a certain period of time to become adjusted to what is happening in your life. Accept that you are getting a divorce and that you cannot control all things. Know that you can only learn from mistakes and this will make your life better for the future. Realize that this is not the end of your life, just that the winds of change are blowing - then work to make the future better.
Become Involved in the Community

Once you have accepted the divorce, there is no better way to focus on something great than getting involved in the community.  This will allow you to stop dwelling on the divorce and find something to put your focus on. You could help collect toys for needy children, distribute food to the homeless, volunteer at a veteran's hospital or something similar. When you're able to see the situations that many others are in, it can really bring things into perspective. Also, helping others is very rewarding and allows you to become passionate about something very worthwhile rather than spending all your time dwelling on the divorce.

Accept Responsibility
Although divorce is usually the result of mistakes from both parties, you can only accept and learn from the mistakes that you've made. Accept them and realize that you made mistakes and then use those mistakes to make the future better. A wise man always learns from his mistakes.
Live, Laugh and Have a Great Time  
Call up your old friends, go out, have a great time and experience the healing power of laughter and fun. When you are going through something as stressful as a divorce, it's important to have some relief now and then. Go out and do something you enjoy - whether it's seeing a movie, dancing or something else. 
When you take the time to work on these 4 ways to stay sane during a divorce, you can really help the situation a lot. You are able to move on in a healthy way and learn to be happy again. Good luck.

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