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Pre-Nuptial Agreement When Getting Married

Have you ever heard the word called 'pre-nuptial agreement'; where people think about the divorce when they are getting married? Many people may dislike this agreement, but it is still a fact.

While a pre-nuptial is highly recommended, especially if you are very rich or earning a larger sum of money without the help of your fiance, mentioning of a pre-nuptial could lead to the end of the relationship too. So, what could you do to avoid a pre determined fate of your divorce?

The best way to do before the wedding is thus listing all of your properties, such as cash, stocks, bonds, cars and other assets. Your worthy future partner should be able to understand this. Or else, you have to look for way how you can handle it. You may explain to your fiance that you have been very successful financially in the part, and you are sure that the best is yet to come, but you need to ensure that the marriage is not based on the money alone. However, future property you and your fiance will be earning will belong to both of you anyway. You just want to secure your financial status for the future.

It will be best if you can encourage your fiance to do the same, at the same time, helping him or her appear to be a very worthy partner. Thus, pre-nuptial agreements should be agreed in both parties that each will still own their previous properties. This seems to be working and make your fiance feel much better.

Usually, a pre-nuptial agreement could make the other person feeling unworthy or seem to have less financial capacity to the other person. This is when problems occurs to be simmer, but there is no reason to hurt your fiance with embarrassment a pre-nup is discussed.

Although nobody wants to discuss about pre-nuptial, or looming financial contracts before the wedding, but the pre-nuptial is highly essential if you are very rich and wealthy. It is ok to take the action to protect your properties when concerning that the situation could be more difficult if you lose all of your properties after the divorce and realizing later that your fiance wanted only your money from the marriage.

This is a great way if you plan ahead to protect your financial status and properties while you are also providing the one your love a good life. Once, everything above is done, things should go smoothly all the way to the wedding.

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When homeowners are facing a divorce, one of the most difficult decisions is determining what to do with the house. Because this decision can be highly emotional, important factors can be overlooked and the final decision could be a major financial mistake for both parties.

Couples under the duress of ending a relationship need to step back and look at the true financial value of the house before making a decision. Divorce is scary, so fighting to hold onto the house may provide a level of comfort. But this may be short-lived once a newly single person is weighed down by the high cost of the house. The better choice might be to sell the house, even if you owe more than it is worth. A divorce situation opens the door to getting out from under a financially upside-down house and a potential foreclosure.

Divorcing homeowners need to realize how the tremendous decline in housing values has affected the value of their house. Even if they have owned the house for as long as seven years, they still may owe more than the house is worth. With housing values continuing to decline, it may not be worth fighting to keep a house and ending up with an asset that is worth less than you owe. A better alternative may be a short sale of the house.

Divorcing homeowners can determine if they should sell the house by:

• Checking its market value. A simple way to get a "general" idea of the market value is to check the county's appraised value. This can be done by visiting the county's Appraisal District website. A more accurate way is to have a local realtor assess the value of the house.

• Checking the principal balance of the mortgage. Most mortgage companies provide the principal balance on the monthly statement, or you can call the mortgage company and ask for the "principal balance."

If the principal balance is higher than the market value, a short sale may be the answer. Most mortgage companies recognize a divorce as a justifiable reason for a short sale.

In a short sale, the proceeds from the sale amount to less than the balance owed. The bank or lender agrees to discount a loan balance due to an economic or financial hardship caused by the divorce. This negotiation is done through communication with a bank's loss mitigation or short sale department by a professional company.

For the homeowner, advantages include getting out from under an upside-down house, avoiding a foreclosure on their credit history, and partial control of the monetary deficiency.

Other considerations for divorcing homeowners include:

• Most lenders require a licensed real estate agent to list the house and conduct the short sale. The agent should be experienced at short sales.

• You should never pay anything for a short sale. The real estate company is paid by your lender after the sale.

• Beware of fraud. Make sure any company you work with is legitimate, with a business address and website. If all you have is an individual's cell phone number, this is not a good sign. Also, the company should never ask for payment.

• When deciding if you should keep the house, determine the total costs. The mortgage payment may be the largest cost, but there are also insurance, taxes, utilities, and yard care. Maintenance is a major consideration, because some big items need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years, such as a roof, air conditioning system, water heater, and kitchen appliances.

A divorce is one of the hardest and most emotionally draining events in your life, and following it with a foreclosure will only make things worse. As difficult as it may be, this is the time to look past emotional bonds to the house and focus on the numbers.

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