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Why you need a Utah child custody lawyer…

Utah Child Custody Attorney 801-676-5506

For the majority of parents, one of your greatest concerns is how your children are doing… not just in school, but overall you want what Utah courts and judges call: “the best interests” of your children.

Utah Child Custody Attorney 801-676-5506

I have kids of my own.  Four kids right now.  At the time I’m writing this, I have an 11 year old boy, an 8 year old boy, a 5 year old girl and a 4 year old girl.  I care about and love each one of them.  I know that whether you have just one kid or many more than me, you love them to and you want what is best for them.

Utah Child Custody Attorney 801-676-5506

Because of that, you need to make sure you get a child custody attorney in Utah that can assist you.  Whether you need a Custody Order or you are getting a divorce, child custody is always one of the key issues in the case.  You really should get someone with experience who focuses and concentrates on child custody cases.

Utah Child Custody Attorney 801-676-5506

At our law firm, that’s exactly what we do.  All of our combined experience is over 30 years!  We are family law attorneys who are not only experienced, but we care and we want to help you.  We offer a free no obligation legal consultation.

Utah Child Custody Attorney 801-676-5506

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Utah Child Custody Attorney 801-676-5506

Many people in Utah assume that custody will simply go to the mother, but this is not always the case.  Utah has put laws in place that state that neither parent is PRESUMED to be a better parent.  So, custody can be awarded to either the mother or to the father.  There are essentially 26 different factors that the court will look at in making its child custody determinations.  If you’re going to court, the more you have on your side, the better your case will be.

We can’t guarantee a win for you, but we will fight for you and we’ll give you our honest opinion of your case.  Remember what I said earlier, the Court has to do what it thinks is in “the best interests” of your children. So, whether that is give both parents joint physical custody, or sole physical custody; joint legal custody; sole legal custody; or split physical custody we have the experience that you are looking for in Utah child custody law and want to help you make the best possible custody decisions for your children.

Custody Modifications

We’ve been asked, do you modify custody orders or modify divorce decrees.  Yes, of course we do.  About half of our practice is modifying court orders and decrees.  If things are not working out right for you or if you feel that a change in custody is the best thing for your children, we will help you file a petition with the court for a custody modification. We have helped countless parents prepare for custody evaluations. If your custody evaluation leads to a child custody battle, we are willing to go the distance with you to fight for what is best for your children.

We Focus on Family Law

We focus our practice on family law – that is what we care about – that’s why we want to help you. Whether you need assistance structuring a joint custody schedule, are concerned about custodial parent rights, need assistance with child support enforcement, or are embarking in an all out custody war, we will assist you. Contact us today for your free consultation 801-676-5506.

In Utah, Your Child Custody Case from Another State Will Be Operative Here:

Utah has the following child custody laws:

Sole legal custody

Sole physical custody

Joint legal custody

Joint physical custody

Split Custody

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