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Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah

Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah

Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah

There are essentially five things that you need to understand when you get divorced.

Although everyone would love to have a perfect marriage, when you deal with a hard situation like separation or divorce, you ought to need to take everything with a grain of salt.

Usually divorce goes bit by bit and not instantly – but that’s not always the case.

1. In Utah, the law on divorce differs from other states.  They differ mostly on the disposition of properties; how assets and debt are divided, child custody, length of separation, and the general process for getting divorced.

2. Nowadays, an uncontested divorce, also called a “no-fault” divorce has become much more popular and typical among spouses who get divorced in Utah.  Most of the time, blame is a game that doesn’t need to be played when it can get expensive to pay lawyers to fight in court.  Under a no fault divorce, things can proceed somewhat quicker than in a fault case.  The expense and time can also become more cumbersome if you have minor children.  Child Custody is always something that courts will look at more carefully in a divorce case.

3. In Utah there is a 90 day waiting period. During the period of divorcing, the couple opting for divorce must wait for 90 days from the date the divorce petition was filed with the court before the judge will sign the final decree of divorce. Don’t expect to get re-married right away… although if you need to, we can file a motion and very likely get you divorced quicker.  Give me a call if you want more information about this.

4. Don’t assume that your spouse won’t fight you.  We took on a case just last week where the husband assumed that his wife was going to play nice in the divorce.  Surprise!  This week, her attorney filed a lengthy motion and is trying to get sole custody; rather than the joint custody situation they were planning.  Don’t ever think it’ll go easy until it’s done and over.

5. If you are dealing with a divorce now, you should consider getting a second opinion if your gut tells you something is wrong.  Look, normally, cases get done in 4-6 months.  If your case is taking 12 months or more, you either have a stubborn spouse who doesn’t want to get divorced or you’ve got a ton of money and property to fight about.  Usually no fault cases are done in 4-6 months.  If it’s going longer than that, you should think about getting a second opinion. Call us at 801-676-5507 and see if we can assist you in getting your divorce ended sooner.

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Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah
Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah
Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah
Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah

Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah

Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah

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