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Divorce In Utah

You know, sometimes things go absolutely perfectly in court.  Let me give you an example.

About a month ago, my client and I went to court.  This was for an evidentiary hearing.  An evidentiary hearing is when witnesses take the stand in the courtroom and evidence is presented to the court and testimony from witnesses is provided.

My client was a little nervous.  He had only been in court once time before.  He was now going to testify.

I called my client as a witness.  He testified about the facts of the case.  We outlined every element of our case.

The judge then heard from the other side.  The judge actually considered a continuance of the hearing.  A continuance is when the judge post-pones the hearing to another date and time.  The reason the judge wanted to continue the case was because the judge thought that there should be other witnesses about other issues that he should listen to.  I promptly notified the judge that, that was not a good idea. In fact, I informed the judge that the other potential witnesses could not provide any further relevant evidence than the information the judge had already received directly from the parties themselves.

The judge ultimately agreed with me and, instead of ruling at that very moment.  The judge took the matter under advisement.  What that means is that the judge would think about it, maybe do some additional research on the issue, and in the coming weeks, the judge would make a ruling.  It is rather uncommon for a judge to do that. Most judges make decisions right away; however, I’ve never been opposed to a judge taking their time and making sure they get the facts and law correct in issuing the court’s decision.

That was nearly 30 days ago and today, the judge issued the decision.

We won.

Not only did we win, but the judge even awarded our client attorney’s fees and costs!  That is a major win in my book.  Our client has received a 5 figure award based on our work.

I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to win big for our clients.  There are never two cases that are exactly the same.  There are some cases that mediate and settle quickly.  There are other cases that resolve slowly over time.  This case has been going on for way too long because the other side delayed the proceedings longer than they should have.

Our client is happy and excited at this victory.  I though you should hear about this success as well.  We try to focus on education and providing you with answers to your questions in the articles and information we put out.  We obviously keep our client’s confidences. They don’t want their private information posted everywhere.  So that is why the information contained in here is somewhat vague.  We will be posting some more testimonials in the next month or so.

In the meantime, please drop us a line or call us if you have any questions or concerns.  We want to help you with your divorce or child custody case.  Yes, we do all types of family law and even adoptions.

Thanks for visiting.

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Divorce in Utah

Divorce in Utah

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Divorce In Utah
Divorce In Utah

Divorce In Utah

Divorce In Utah

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