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Divorce And Bankruptcy Utah

Yesterday, while meeting with a client about a divorce, I usually ask the question at then end of our meeting, if there was anything else I could answer or help him with.

His response was: “do you know a good bankruptcy lawyer?” – Well, yes, in fact I do… we do bankruptcies in our office!  Of course with 4 lawyers in the office, we cover a wide range of legal cases.  From divorce and custody battles to even chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

I have often found that divorce and custody cases can place a financial toll on people.  Obviously, if you have little kids you should fight to protect them and take care of them.  You also shouldn’t just walk away in a divorce case and give the other side everything they want — that can often lead to disaster.

I’ve seen time and again cases where one spouse just gives up and they can not only lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, but custody of their children as well.  Point being – don’t give up.

If you are having a financial hardship you should not only speak to your lawyer about it, but you should talk to your mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, and close friends.  I’ve seen many families come together and help each other in tough cases such as these.

You know, sometimes life can be hard, difficult even, just to get through each day.  Hardships come to each of us in different ways.  No one is immune from having marital trouble or financial trouble.

One of our clients was diagnosed with cancer recently.  She’s 54 years old.  Her children are all grown, but cancer can costs tens of thousands of dollars to battle, even if you have o.k. insurance.  Her husband lost his job due to no fault of his own – the company he worked for downsized.  They were smart though, they had saved some money and put some away into retirement accounts as they went along through life.  Well, their savings got them almost 2 years before they had to file for bankruptcy.

It’s a part of life sometimes.  You just can’t pick and choose what trials come your way.

So, yes, if you need divorce and bankruptcy help, you’ve come to the right place, you should give us a call for your free initial consultation.  We are happy to help you and lend a caring hand and heart to your troubles.

If you want additional information about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  you can click on those links and read an interview that I did on the main differences in those types of cases that are found on that website.

I hope that you found this information helpful.  Remember, don’t quit, don’t give up.  When the tough times come, make sure that you do your very best to pick yourself up and move forward.

We are here to help you do that.

Thanks for visiting and we’ll see you soon.

Divorce And Bankruptcy Utah

divorce and bankruptcy

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Divorce And Bankruptcy Utah
Divorce And Bankruptcy Utah
Divorce And Bankruptcy Utah
Divorce And Bankruptcy Utah
Divorce And Bankruptcy Utah

Divorce And Bankruptcy Utah

Divorce And Bankruptcy Utah

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