Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah

Many people ask how long does divorce take?  When you have a Sandy Utah Divorce Attorney on your side, you are going to do so much better than when you don’t have a lawyer to advise you.  First of all, divorce is not quick in Sandy City Utah.  It is a minimum of 3 months […]

How to Divorce Utah

How do you get divorced in Utah? Attorney Mr. Spectacular Michael R. Anderson explains how to get divorced in Utah. Watch this video – It’s a common question – how do I get divorced?  If you live in Utah, you’ve got to file what is called a petition for divorce or a complaint for divorce […]

Divorce in Utah

Over the next days, weeks and months – we are going to describe the 10 areas of Divorce in Utah, as well as we’re going to go via each one in information. We are going to give to you the information you need to get through and understand the divorce procedures in the state of Utah. We’re going to […]