Do I have to Split my 401(k) in Divorce?

We received a question yesterday: Do I have to Split my 401(k) in Divorce? The quick answer is yes – but that isn’t entirely true. You see there are many different options to explore before you simply say yes. Let me explain. The general answer is that you have to divide your 401k or retirement […]

Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah 801-676-5507

There are essentially five things that you need to understand when you get divorced. Although everyone would love to have a perfect marriage, when you deal with a hard situation like separation or divorce, you ought to need to take everything with a grain of salt. Usually divorce goes bit by bit and not instantly – […]

Divorce in Utah – When Things Go Right in Court – Good News

You know, sometimes things go absolutely perfectly in court.  Let me give you an example. About a month ago, my client and I went to court.  This was for an evidentiary hearing.  An evidentiary hearing is when witnesses take the stand in the courtroom and evidence is presented to the court and testimony from witnesses […]